About Us


1995 - Rainbow Pre-school established.
1997 - Foundation Phase: Academic year starts from grade 1.
1998 - Grade 1 and 2: Two classrooms only.
1999 - Fully Fledged Foundation Phase: Grade 1, 2 and 3.
2000 - Intermediate Phase: Grade 4 introduced.
2001 - Senior Phase: begins from Grade 5
2002 - Last grade of the Primary Phase: Grade 6 and 7
2007 - GET Band: Introduced from Grade 8.
2008 - Addition of Grade 9
2009 - FET Band: Introduced: Grade 10
2010 - Grade 11
2011 - First Grade12 class.


To provide quality, affordable and accessible education to learners who will be economically relevant South African citizens. To strive for excellence in all our activities and to be at the forefront of education trends. To prepare our learners to become responsible and valuable members of society. to trust in God, regardless.


To be a pre-eminent academic, educational center par excellence, that offers a broad and balanced program me from Grade R-12. To develop our learners to their full potential enabling them to fulfil a significant role in society.


  • We encourage all our stakeholders to practice these values in support of our vision and mission:
  • Adherence to Christian values, leading to acceptable moral conduct and positive discipline.
  • We encourage a spirit of equity, understanding and love.
  • Our quality of education encourages innovation and creativity resulting in excellence.
  • We value our human resources, ensuring and supporting their continued development.
  • We show respect for and awareness of our environment.
  • We demonstrate our commitment, responsibility and co-operation in our efforts and involvement in school matters.
  • The safety and self sustainability of our school and community are important to us.
  • We respect all the cultures and beliefs at our school and in the community.
  • Vision, mission, values and goals are the glue that holds our school together. They describe what we are trying to do, how we want to go about it and where we’re heading. Knowing these things helps us keep our school on track. It also gives us a yardstick we can use to measure our present performance and for the future.
  • Our values describe how we intend to operate, on a day-to-day basis, as we purpose our vision.


  • There was a need for a private school in the community
  • A private school that was ready to take on the challenges and play a key role in the lives of young South Africans.
  • Bringing good quality education close to the community
  • Crosing the gap, and giving the community at large a strong foundation in terms of language e.g. English & Afrikaans not forgetting Sepedi and Tsonga.
  • Helping to eradicate education poverty one grade at a time.
  • To drive out ignorance and all cononotations attached to black communities.


A. Circuit/departmental challenges

     1. Late examination question papers.
     2. Late or no memorandums or memorandums full of errors
     3. No or late assessment plans (GET)
     4. No or poor communication regrading moderations, official do not
           Possible solution

           We want to set our own question papers and memorandums,
          being under the care of Ben Voster High School

B. Internal School Challenges
Completion of academic work and maintain a high standard
Solution, we are offering extra classes for grade 12 learners after school and during holidays.

2.     Lack of parental involvement
        Solution, we are contacting parents constantly for meetings, by means of telephonic communication, sms’s and letters.
3.     Increasing enrolment number
        Solution, we are working for high academic achievement to serve as marketing in drawing learners.

Our Staff